In 1994 HIDDEN CONCEPTS began as a Canadian Mystery Shopping company. The concept was simple - There were too many companies offering the same product or service at a similar (competitive) price. Customers will only spend their money at your company, if it makes them feel emotionally good about their experience. Your success is therefore equal to the experience that your clientele receive from your employees, along with your ability to meet the customerís needs (in both product and service execution).

After several years of working with companies across Canada and the United States, our clients expressed a growing need for more than just mystery shopping. Their mystery shopping programs proved extremely valuable in identifying both poor performers, as well as top performers in their organizations. After all - there is not a more accurate way to assess real time performance of your employees, from your customerís perspective, in an honest and unbiased manner. It also proved that, while there are many key components to running a successful business, there is no component more integral to your success, than your team. Any successful business will agree that good employees are your lifeblood.


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